Expectations From Liposuction

More than one excellent result by a plastic surgeon has been met with disappointment by a patient who had unrealistic expectations for the results of the procedure.

Usually, a good pre-surgery session with the surgeon in which the patient honestly asks all questions they want answered will lead to realistic expectations and a successful result.

A surgeon does not want a patient to have unrealistic expectations as such a patient is far more likely to be disappointed.

Liposuction is permanent; the new shape resulting from the surgery will remain. Fat cells removed do not regenerate. If a patient gains weight, the surgical area will remain proportionate to the increased body size. However, if a patient gains more than 10% of their body size, new fat cells are likely to be produced, including in the area previously treated by liposuction. The slimming effects of the liposuction will still be present; they will just not be as dramatic or pleasing.

Weight loss is not a significant factor in liposuction, aesthetic improvement of targeted areas is the goal.

Nonetheless, post surgery patients should be aware of their weight and reasonable in maintaining it.

For Example, a 150 pound woman who undergoes two liposuction procedures during which 8 total pounds of fat and other tissue are removed should maintain her weight at or below 142 pounds. If she regains the 8 pounds, the slimming effects of the liposuction, though still present, will be far less pleasing.

If a woman becomes pregnant and gains significant weight and then loses that weight gain following birth, the effects of the liposuction will remain the same as if the woman had not gotten pregnant.

Liposuction does not overcome the aging process. Gravity will always eventually win out, even over the hand and artful practice of a skilled plastic surgeon.

The actual weight loss from liposuction is 5 to 8 pounds. Approximately 90% of the post surgical improvement will be seen by the end of the fourth week following liposuction. Immediately following the procedure, the patient may experience significant swelling which obscures the results of the surgery; however, this swelling is usually resolved by 12 weeks post surgery.

Liposuction improves body shape, not skin texture; therefore, liposuction is not likely to improve the appearance of cellulite. Liposuction can be effective in helping to remove and abdominal fat accumulated during pregnancy.

Even with significant weight gain, the fatty deposits in the areas treated by liposuction should remain less than if not treated.

Realistic expectations on the part of the patient are a result of careful and full disclosure by the surgeon and appropriate questioning by the patient to create a fully informed patient. A fully informed patient is more likely to be a patient with realistic expectations and therefore, ultimately, a satisfied patient.


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